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Other metering products include amr ami meter reading systems, remote reading, recycled water, hot water and oil. Sensus iperl class d r800 the iperl comes with an inbuilt r800 ratio for all models in the proposed family range, from q3 2. I di introduction to integrated water meter management pseau. They are thereby distinguished by ensuring an especially low head loss, even with high fl ow rates.

Inexpensive and reliable, the scancounter t210 is a cost. The second pulsed water meter should be installed just after the main stop valve where the supply enters the building and will monitor for leaks water consumption within the building. If you cannot meet the requirement of pure water, then do not use the laminar water flow device in your application. This unit is used whenever a water meter is not easily accessed. Zenner catalogues and broschures zenner apartment water meters catalog apartment water meters file format. Ztmb bronze turbine water meter zenner bronze turbine meters are designed for applications where flows are usually moderate to high and occasionally low. The multijet wet dial meter mnk is an ideal domestic water meter for tamperproof, highprecision consumption measurement. View and download zenner zelsius c5iuf installation and operating manual online. Water metering and reporting taranaki regional council. Zenner installation instructions for water meters and heat. Vl9 remote water meter reader lcd display for encoded. Eaton s rfw201 smart water node is a nextgeneration, twoway advanced metering infrastructure ami endpoint that wirelessly interfaces with eaton s rf mesh network. The singlemag 34 water meter is a durable, highly accurate meter that comes equipped with a pulse output in a compact design. Sensus domestic water meters deeco services ltd water.

Residential water meters can ordinarily be found at the front of the property near the curb or street. Norgas water meters, multimag water meters, tm series turbine. They are protected against unauthorised tampering by a seal. Drive cold water meters 58 dn 15mm 34 dn 20mm 1 dn 25mm 1 12 dn 40mm 2 dn 50mm introduction. Introduction integrated water meter management pseau.

Safe investment in its basic version, the istameter m is. The mcpropeller meter is especially suited to dirty water flows, municipal and other highvolume water applications. Residential water meter reading nelson city council. If the meter needs to be replaced, the water will be turned off to do this. Precision water flow meter and water flow controller. My wish is that that it will make a real difference to. Water meters and flow sensors irrigation tutorials.

Zenner product categories water meters, heat meters, gas meters and amr systems product finder find the right product. Zenner performance multijet water meters utilize a magnetically driven multijet design. More than 1 million water meters have been manufactured and sold in india and abroad. It is available with a plastic or lead free brass body and some versions can measure in gallons or cubic feet. Systems bus systems mbus and zennerbus wireless mbus systems walkby radio system stationary radio system smart metering on the internet of things iot service dial and counter types informations on.

Quick responsiveness, even at low fl ow rates, combined with power reserves for high fl ow rates makes this meter model. Wp40500 removable element woltman water meter it is a turbine removable element woltman water meter for industrial and irrigation application in sizes 40mm and 500mm for cold meter. Cold water meters 58 dn 15mm 34 dn 20mm 1 dn 25mm 1 12 dn 40mm 2 dn 50mm introduction. The zenner mnkmfn is a manifold water meter for cold potable water.

The meter reading displays for 10 seconds, then the meter serial number displays for 10 seconds, then it goes. Zenner installation instructions for water meters and. Measuring water usekeeping a track of the volume of water consented for use and making sure it is accurate means we can better. Here, you will find important information, background and facts about measuring technology, water meters, gas meters and heat meters. Water meters are in the ground, in a box made of timber, plastic, concrete, or metal. Even if you get your water from a water provider you may not have a water meter. They took action with itrons ami meters with leak detection. Rainwater tanks and household plumbing are private systems on private property. An pattern approval de12mi004ptb002 main characteristics fully dry dial meter with no gear reduction in the wet chamber wear resistant tungsten carbide sapphire bearing magnetic coupling protected against magnetite pulse sender safe from interference easy to. Flow meter installation making since 1986 water work flow meter general the accuracy of flow measurement for all flow measuring devices is highly dependent on proper location of the sensor in the piping system. Output cable configuration of pulse 8 bit mlitifunction electronic water meter. Zenner performance nitro i water meters are tested and comply with awwa c708, iso. Zelsius c5iuf measuring instruments pdf manual download.

The increasing demand for water by agriculture, industry, urban users, and recreation makes proper management and conservation of our water supplies increasingly important. Zenner water meters and heat meters are used worldwide by municipal utilities companies and water suppliers. The yearly production currently exceeds 1,800,000 units putting b meters in a leading position both at national and european level. Bij renovatie van een ongemeten woning worden eenmalig, kosteloos, een watermeterbeugel en watermeter ter beschikking gesteld. B meters is an italian company that has been designing, producing and distributing instruments and solutions for measuring the consumption of water and thermal energy used for heating and cooling, for over 25 years. Tapping on the gold target sends a signal to the meter to display the current reading. With a starting flow of 1 lh, no moving parts and clear water flow path throughout, the iperl provides no wear or drop in in accuracy over the meter life.

Toshniwals wide range of water meters cater to the water consumption monitoring requirements of large pharma and chemical industries to domestic. The version mnkmfn is retrofittable with pulser reed for remote readout. In an apartment or condominium, the water meters will likely be located in a utility room in the basement or at. All zenner performance meters have electronic output capabilities for easy conversion to automated meter reading. They are designed to measure cold potable water where flow is in one direction only in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Zenner pmn water meters utilize a magnetically driven multijet design. Below are examples to help identify the type of water meter you may have and give you instructions on how to read the meter.

Reed sensors are mountable in two % flow rate in % lower upper flow range flow range body the bodies of the woltman meters. Elster water metering manufactures water meters for utility, commercial and domestic use and offers a complete water metering portfolio including solutions for revenue metering, cost allocation. Pr10068 specification for water meters this document may not, in whole or part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced or translated without prior consent from the ceo, unitywater. An activity icon on the display indicates when reduced meter reading costs. Here you can find a water flow meter for water flow measurement in your application. Council has installed about 6,000 water meters in the, huntly, raglan and ngaruawahia area over the past year. Honeywell water metering is an industry leader in the development and implementation of innovative metering solutions to the water industry and is committed to address the unique challenges the industry faces, including increasing customer demand and water scarcity. Our multijet turbine meters are designed for situations where a wide flow range must be covered. Advanced water metering ami smart water meter node eaton. These ntep certified meters come in both hot and cold water models. Multijet series water meter, singlejet series water. The mnkmfn combines a multijet register with a robust brass housing. Meerstraal droog en natlopende watermeters vwv metering. Water utility officials in clayton county, ga, discovered their nonrevenue water losses were nearing 20%.

To read the dial, you may need to remove leaves and debris, or flip up the cover. It is designed to measure clean potable water where flow is in one direction only in. Zenner water meters, heat meters, gas meters, systems. They are most often housed in concrete boxes underground with heavy steel covers that are bolted shut and labelled water for ease of identification. Factors to consider when choosing a water flow meter are. Municipal utilities, industrial companies, property companies and metering services are increasingly relying on timesaving and costsaving remote meter reading via wired mbus systems, wireless radio systems or modern smart metering measurement systems. Water meter size 50 water service connection size for information only 75 meter location outside inside outside meters 50 mm or smaller must be located outside at property line. Its exceptional product character istics are its low weight, its low starting flow and its reliable measurement.

Elster metering is australias leading manufacturer and supplier of water meters for domestic, commercial, industrial and irrigation applications. However, if your water department bills in thousands, your bill may show 53,000, or 53,500 if they bill to 100 gallons. The omni r2 and the sr models require special meter flanges as those two models have flange ends. Zenner fire hydrant meters 3 models fhz20, fhz25 and fhz30 introduction. Flow sensor for water temperatures from 5 c to c, pn 16 and pn 25. We supply our customers with a complete product portfolio. Static ultrasonic water meter for precise recording and reading of consumption in all water supply applications.

The zenner mtk multijet dry dial meter is flexible and robust, and equipped with innovative extras such as pulse or radio module. The nominal size of the water meter is denoted by the. By doing this you effectively create a proportional feed system that paces your pump with the increase in water flow. Water meters measure the water flow in residential and commercial buildings in. As a company specialising in the manufacture of house connection fittings for water, gas and waste water, we can provide complete solutions tailored to meet your. Sensus industrial water meters deeco services ltd water. The water meter have been approved by all leading laboratories e. If your meter is not easily accessible for the readers, e. There are several types of meters that measure water flow velocity, including jet meters singlejet and multijet, turbine meters, propeller meters and mag. The speed of the flow can then be converted into a volume of flow to determine the usage.

Anatomy of the water meter most meters look like the one pictured to the right. As a modular water meter, the istameter m offers a solution for every type of technology and application using only one meter. I didnt have one at a couple of the homes ive owned water was provided for a flat monthly fee regardless of how much was used. A device for measuring or estimating the volume, or flow of water at the water source, well or throughout a water system to determine flow throughout that portion of the water system. Water meter and telemetry device compatibility list z20 pub0063002 october 2017 page 3 of 33 water meter compatibility for ert products encoder erts part numbers a 60w encoder, inline connector erw0771202 60w encoder, 5 cable erw0771212 60wr encoder, remote erw0771422 b.

This document provides details on the configuration, operation and installation of the device. Guidelines for ultrasonic water meter maintenance program. Both pulsed water meters shall be selected based on pipe diameters and or flow rates. Quick responsiveness, even at low flow rates, combined with power reserves for high flow rates makes this meter model the ideal partner for. Associated products include complete mains to meter kits, tapping bands, ferrules. Water meters elster, itron, sensus, kamstrup water meters. The water meter measures how much water you use, that way the water company can charge you for the amount you use. The newly developed measuring insert with a special construction of the turbine where the water fl ows through, gua. There is a legal imperative on municipalities to measure. Stenner 34 water meter by seametrics cannon water technology.

They are to be used in measurement of potable cold water in commercial and industrial services where flows are in one direction. Due to the heavy duty construction they are very robust and prepared to withstand manipulation attempts. Combine this with its full 34 lightweight design, reliable multijet technologies, and prewired pulse amr connector, and you have the water metering solution of the future. Damage caused by impurity build up is not covered by the warranty. As part of this work it was identified that several hundred properties required further works and our contractors are currently investigating the scope of this work. Water metering means a process of measuring water use through the use of a meter.

The seal also shows that the meter has been certified. The government regulations for measuring and reporting water takes 2010 came into effect in november 2010, requiring anyone with consent to take water at a rate of 5 litres per second or more to measure and record their water take with an accuracy of plus or minus 5%. In our download area you will find installation instructions with all the information for installing our water meters, heat meters and systems technology. In addition, there is a version that can be used for hot water metering applications. A velocitytype meter measures the velocity of flow through a meter of known internal capacity. Water meter selection guides positive displacement meters compound meters 8 manifold assembly consists of two 2 4 compound meters, four 4 gate valves, two 2 flanged coupling adapters and two 2 8 reducing manifolds.

Sensus industrial water meters deecos 30 years of expertise in water metering, together with our recognised industry involvement in setting nz standards and industry code of practice for water metering, has allowed us to select the correct meter product from the extensive sensus range ensuring compatibility with the maximum range of applications in new zealand. Turbometers laying length of w160 with screwed ends is 12. This good practice guide is intended to prescribe good practices for the supply, use, and operation of water meters throughout the country by a company, authority, or organisation. Water meter amr systems, amr system for water monitoring. Domestic water meters multijet meters for cold and hot water our multijet turbine meters are designed for situations where a wide fl ow range must be covered.

Water meters, heat meters, gas meters, amrtechnology for over 100 years, zenner has been one of the leading suppliers of innovative measuring technology. However, some meters measure the water in cubic feet while others measure the water in gallons. Catalog residential water meters zenner sano baltic. Lcd remote water meter reader this remote lcd reader can be wired to most any brand industry standard encoder output meter. Introduction this guide explains what you need to know about installing a water meter on a property. Water meters manufacturer, hot water meter, woltman water meter. It is your responsibility to maintain the water meter and your private plumbing network. Type of water potable, deionized, etc whether youre looking for a total, instantaneous flow rate or both. Bulk water meters singlejet meters accessories tted with a metal protective cover that reliably protects the counter even meter size, of either 1 or 10 llmp. Innov8vn register technical reference the innov8vn is an electronic water meter register with an embedded cellular modem. Straight pipe installation refers to the length of straight pipe needed before upstream of the water meter and after downstream of the water meter. Zenner products water meters, heat meters, gas meters.

Zenner hydrant meters are designed to measure a wide variety of cold potable water flows from fire hydrants where flows are in one direction. Zenner multijet type magnetic drive cold water meters. One full rotation of the dial equals 1 cubic foot of water or 7. Zenner multijet type magnetic drive cold water meters nitro i model pmn sizes. Mtk and mtkn water meters specially developed for the toughest challenges in terms of resilience and water quality the mtk is a multijet dry dial meter for cold water. The scancounter t210 electronic outreader is designed specifically for accurate counting of water meter pulse outputs.

For each gallon of water that passes through the water meter a single pulse will be delivered to your controller or pump control module. They are thereby distinguished by ensuring an especially low head loss, even with high flow rates. Npt 20 gpm brass alloy and polymer cold water, displacement magnetic drive meter us gallons. Irregular flow velocity profiles caused by valves, fittings, pipe bends, etc. Kranti water meters is indias leading and largest water meters manufactures under their brand name kranti. Zenner supplies a wide range of water meters, heat meters, gas meters and amrsystems worldwide that make a precise consumption billing possible. Size and select water meter based on 90% of operating range of city approved meters. Trusted by farmers since 1955 unlike traditional types of water meters, the mcpropeller uses a flexible drivetrain and sealed ball bearings. Water meter installation box for domestic water meter our water meter installation boxes are made of high grade plastic. Single jet superdry high sensitivity water meter mid. As there is no scrap value of this surface box thefts are kept to a minimum. In 1957, sensus, then known as rockwell, revolutionized the waterworks industry with the introduction of the first magnetic drive water meter, the sealed register sr.

Fresno, ca 93727 cs 888 638 2346 f 800 695 4753 820000370 0412 plastic m series water meter. Water meter and telemetry module compatibility list. Meters with builtin straightening vanes wst water meters are used to reduce the minimum straight pipe requirements. Sydney water water meter installation guide document current at march 2018 page 4 1.

Electronic compact heat meter with ultrasonic flow sensor iuf, optionally mbus, wmbus and 3 inputsoutputs optional qp 0,61,52,5 m3h. Smart and innovative technologies for capturing, analysing and processing meter data have long been standard in water and energy measurement. B page 1 of 2 zenner vl9m remote reader for water meters with encoded output applications. As3565 meters for cold and heated drinking and nondrinking water supplies g. It refers specifically to the delivery of potable water to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. All zenner singlejet and measuring capsule meters are dry dial. Heeft u op deze website een aanvraag ingediend voor een wateraansluiting.

You must use water meter unions on the 581 models most other brands will fit as well because the threads as with most brands of water meters are nontapered and require a rubber or neoprene washer to seal the connection. A mag netic coupling transfers the force between the wet area and the meter. This is a brand new meter so very little water has passed through it. The newly developed measuring insert with a special construction of the turbine where the water flows through, gua. We are only the real manufactures of kranti water meters. Follow the steps and well show you how this is determined and how. Browse all categories in the badger meter catalog including mseries m2000 electromagnetic flow meters,ultrasonic meters u500w,recordall disc meters,recordall turbo series meters,clampon ultrasonic flow meter tfx500w,clampon ultrasonic energy m. The polymer composite material consists of a 50% nylon blend that has high strength with good rigidity. Elster water metering limited is a world leader in providing innovative water metering solutions, including low flow and leakage detection applications. Zenner performance positive displacement water meters utilize a magnetically driven, positive displacement, oscillating piston design. We will ship 1 water meter or water meters the same day we get your order. This 1 mechanical water meter is ideal for most home water metering applications. Compatible with a wide range of manufacturers water meters, the node enables utilities to remotely collect usage and interval data at remotely configurable intervals for more accurate and punctual billing and collections.

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