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Revised pay scale 2011 the new revised pay scales has been announced published vide finance division notification no. In cases of promotion from a lower to higher postsscale before. The salary scales for the professional and higher categories are based on five professional grades p1 to p5, two director levels d1 and d2. These all charts are very beneficial for the pay fixation with back date, and no need to have found your desired data from multi chart. A common job classification system developed by icsc provides the structure for this salary scale.

Proposed pay scales based on the offer dated 4 march 2011 pdf 448 kb pay bulletin 12011 pdf 90 kb help. General schedule base pay tables are revised yearly, effective each january, to reflect inflation and increasing costs of living. Below is the 2011 military pay scale of the united states military presented in chart format. Commissioned officers credited with over 4 years of active duty enlisted andor warrant officer service posted dec. Polytechnics, who are in receipt of pay in regular pay scale in the scales of pay of 2010. Njc position was a nil pay award for all levels of staff. These pay scales were a huge shock for many employees as there were many benefits the employees already availing, were discontinued, although the salaries of the employees increased on large scale. However, the executives in e3 grade promoted to e4 grade on or afier 1. To known bangladesh govt pay scale salary scale 2020 follow the site of.

Government of andhra pradesh abstract public services orders. Civil service pay scale alpha by class title state of california schem code class code full class title compensation sisa footnotes ar crit mcr prob. The government has approved a new pay scale for its employees with a highest basic pay of tk 78,000 and a minimum of tk 8,250, allowing an acrossthegrade hike ranging from 91 to 101 percent. Revised pay scale 2011 chart if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Table of revised basic pay scale 2011 for civil servants. Annual increment shall continue to be admissible, subject to the existing conditions, on 1st of december each year. Chart pay scale 2011 federal govt pakistan free download as pdf file. Jul 12, 2016 all revised special pay scales chart 1994 to 2016, final revised special pay scale chart 2016 has also added approved by ministry of finance government of pakistan. For those grades showcasing symbols,, or please refer to the corresponding. Military pay basic compensation for enlisted and officer candidates. The salary system of the canton of zurich applies to most of our staff. Allinone revised basic pay scales chart 1972 to 2016, revised pay scale chart 2016 has also added approved by the government. National assembly will approve this budget after trials. Government of pakistan has announced benefits for government employees from grade 1 to 21.

Allinone revised basic pay scales chart 1972 to 2016 in pdf. In case of personal pay being drawn by an employee as part of hisher basic pay beyond the maximum of hisher pay scale on 30. Please clair kray kay ptcl employees ka pay scale 2011, nahe lagay ga or hum ise trah increase honay walay allowances i. An employees base pay depends on two factors the gs paygrade of their job, and the paygrade step they have achieved depending on seniority or performance. Jul 04, 2011 pay beyond the maximum of hisher pay scale on 30. Final chart revised pay scale 2017 notification issued by. Defense finance and accounting service militarymembers. Chart pay scale 2011 federal govt pakistan government of. Apr 01, 2020 the west coast is home to the top three cities. Siugq fibro 01 epsll poc v110thsijcga lsij4gq n co bvk111 vrromvucea 01j cscp vijijrrg1. The assembly, through bmac, who were consulted on the head of paid service proposal to pay 0% award, strongly supported the unison position. Below is the 2008 military pay scale of the united states military presented in chart format. San francisco had the strongest nominal wage growth, increasing by 0.

I am a government servant since 2008 work in the grade pay 2400 and recently i have join in the grade pay of 4200 and join the new service mid of february,2016 by direct recruitment in the same organization. Nov 08, 2010 posts about pay scale written by jagadeesh. For those service branches recognizing a warrant officer rank, w grades range from w1 to w5. Average wages are obtained by dividing the nationalaccountsbased total wage bill by the average number of employees in the total economy, which is then multiplied by. To view the gs pay scale table for the current year 2020 or other historical years, use the year list above the map at the top of this page. Jul 18, 2011 lahore, pakistan for year 2011 punjab government revised the pay scales of the civil servants. Jun 12, 2016 allinone revised basic pay scales chart 1972 to 2016, revised pay scale chart 2016 has also added approved by the government. Sanchez, 2011 has shown that the determination of public wages do have some. I am to invite your attention to the references cited. The government orders that the pay for the employees mentioned at para5 above shall be fixed in the revised scales of pay 2015 with due attention to the following. As an office of naval research onr government civilian employee, you are entitled to base pay according to the federal governments general base pay scale and a rich array of benefits afforded to federal employees. Headquarters employees state insurance corporation an iso 90012000 certifed organisation panchdeep bhawan c. Pay scales for the govt employees were revised on 01122001 vide finance division regulation wing notification no.

Bah is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. Download complete revised pay scale chart 1972 to 2017. A notification covering the basic pay, all allowances and pensions of the civil servants from july 01, 2011 has been issued by government of the punjab, according to announcement in the budget for 201112. Notification of revised pay scale 2011, allowances and. Salary scales and allowances for staff in the professional and higher categories. The basic pay scales were revised during the various years in the history of pakistan.

I have already uploaded the revised pay scale chart in combined chart earlier that covers pay scales 1972 to 2016. The general schedule gs payscale is the federal government payscale used to determine the salaries of over 70% of federal civilian employees. Here you have to know all the salary of bangladesh. The government orders that the pay for the employees mentioned at para5 above. Detail basic pay scale 2011 of civil servants is given below. The public sector pay gap in a selection of euro area countries. In the government order first cited, orders have been issued revising the scales of pay of employees teachers notionally with effect from 112006 with monetary benefit from 112007. Notification of punjab govt revised pay scale 2011 issued.

List of of grade 1 to 21, increase in pay of government employees. Basic pay rate shown in table above for e1 with 4 months or more of active duty. For more information, contact the office of classification and compensation at 202 4429648. Revised pay scale 2011 notification issed yesterday 4th july 2011 by govt. Revision of pay scales of certain categories of employess. Revised pay scale increase in pay government employees. I have applied to a ng 1105 0203 position with a promotion potential to ng 04. Pakistan federal bedget 2011 12 has been announced on 3rd june 2011. On introduction of the basic pay scales 2011, the increases in pension allowed vide para3 of the finance division office memorandum no. The systems goal is to make sure that federal trade, craft, and laboring employees within a local wage area who perform the same duties receive the same rate.

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